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André Maillé… The Spirit of an Athlete

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Andre Maille was born and raised in Lac Simon, Quebec and is the third of five children.

Andre’s passion and aptitude for sports developed at a very early age. Throughout his school years, he participated in hockey and track and field and played for both school and local teams. As a young man, he continued to participate in these sports at higher competitive levels and it was during the years between 1973 and 1976 that glimpses at a future as a competitive athlete began to transpire.

As a member of the Papineau Minor Hockey League, his competitive spirit and desire to be the best he could be emerged. He earned numerous achievements including Top Scorer and Most Valuable Player awards. He was offered the chance to attend a hockey training camp with the Quebec Junior A team. Much to his father’s dismay, Andre declined the opportunity to pursue his interest in track and field, a sport he largely enjoyed because it allowed him to concentrate on his individual athletic abilities and focus more on self training.

Andre excelled as one of the star track athletes. He won 2 gold medals for the 100 and 200 meter relay races during the Jeux du Quebec competitions in 1974 and 1975. For approximately 20 years, Andre held the 200 meter record the 200 m. It was during his time as a track competitor that he began using weights to strengthen his leg muscles and improve his track speed. He noticed that he was able to push himself further, control and direct his training better as an individual athlete than as a member of a team. He was offered a scholarship to at UCLA for their track and field team, and again he declined.

This allowed him to move to the national level as a competitor. Andre placed 2nd in the C.B.B.F championships in both 1980 and 1981 and in 1982; he won it in his home province of Quebec in Montreal. Around the same time, Andre also graduated from the University of Quebec with a Business Administration degree specializing in marketing.

His years as a national competitor provided Andre with more professional opportunities and greater exposure to the professional body building world. Achieving top national ranking resulted in Andre reaching even deeper into his core to prepare for competition at an International level. In 1982 he competed in Brussels, Belgium and placed 5th in the Mr. Universe competition.

It was shortly after this competition that Andre focused on studying sport and earned his diploma in Physical Fitness Training from the Ben Weider Institute of Montreal in 1984. Around the same time, Andre pursued other interests and obtained a Theoretical Diploma in Ground School for Flying in addition to his real estate license.

His next competition was in London, England in 1985 where Andre placed third in the Mr. Universe competition. His body building achievements to this point weren’t enough for this determined athlete and in 1986; his efforts and desire to pull the best out of himself work were finally rewarded when he won the prestigious Mr. World title in Las Vegas, Nevada taking first place in the Heavy Weight category of the competition. With this success, came the recognition and status of a World class, professional, athlete. This resulted in greater media exposure and between the years of 1986 and 1990 Andre was made the focus of many local, national and international magazine articles, seminars and demonstrations.

Andre’s title enabled him to tour Europe and North America as a representative of sport and fitness as well as continue to compete at a professional level

Although injuries forced him into early retirement, he continues to be involved in body building competitions as a judge and promoter. As well, he organized the 2007 and 2008 National Capital Classic competition.

In 2008, Andre created his website as a tool for sharing his expertise and knowledge and guidance to athletes of various levels to enable them to effectively progress with their body building or strength training goals.

Not many athletes have spanned 3 decades as a competitive athlete. However, after an eight year hiatus and at age 49, Andre Maille has tapped into his indomitable spirit and is, once again, training for competition. In 2009 he will take the stage and demonstrate the passion that makes him who he is and compete for the title of Senior Masters Champion. You can be assured that he will be reveling in the thrill of competition and once again, striving to be the best at what he was born to do.

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